How to Help Your Loved One Exercise without the Gym

Posted: 3/14/2017 8:55 AM by Interim HealthCare
Often people think about the gym when it comes to exercise, especially when their elderly loved one is starting an exercise program. You don't have to do something that dull, however. Exercising regularly without going to the gym is possible and it can be a lot of fun for your loved one and for you.

Get Some Clearance First
Your loved one should never start an exercise program without talking to her doctor first. The reason for this is to make sure that she's not trying to do too much and to ensure that she knows what the warning signs are that she's pushing too hard. Her doctor can also let her know what types of exercise are going to be the most beneficial for her health issues.
Look at Her Interests

Next, it's time to look at what your elderly loved one already enjoys doing. Even people who don't like to exercise like doing at least one or two things that are a little bit active, even if that's playing with the grandkids or taking nature walks. Build on those interests to find activities that your loved one can enjoy long term.

Have Fun with Exercise
Most importantly, your loved one needs to have fun with her exercise program. If she's not having fun, she's definitely not going to stick with it. You might want to intersperse one new exercise idea with several days of the ones that she already loves. If she doesn't like something, it doesn't have to stay a part of the rotation.

Shake Things up Now and Again
Now and again, your loved one might still find herself getting bored. Try shaking things up a bit. You can do this by changing locations for her regular exercise, such as walking on a different trail, or by exercising at a different time of day or on a day she normally doesn't exercise. There are countless ways to keep your loved one from getting too far into a rut.

Your loved one doesn't have to do this alone if you're not able to help her. Hiring elderly care providers is another way that she can exercise on her own terms, without the gym.

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