Senior Care for Blended Families

Posted: 6/17/2015 9:56 AM by Interim HealthCare
Senior Care Tips by Interim HealthCare

Blended families are more the norm compared to decades ago. Therefore, the strategies of a blended family must play into the roles of senior care scenarios as well. That way, there are no blurred lines with regards to stepparents or other nontraditional family roles getting lost in the shuffle when aging loved ones need help, begin experiencing financial confusion, or medical issues become a reality. Here are some tips to help alleviate the confusion in advance.

Avoid Conflicts by Planning in Advance

In the case of the dynamics of blended families and senior in home care, things can become messy quickly. Therefore, it would behoove everyone involved to create a caregiving plan well in advance to avoid any type of messy and confrontational situation in the future. There could still be some tension but, in the long-run, all parties will experience much less stress. This is a huge benefit for aging loved ones who should be avoiding stress for medical reasons.

Research Insurance with Long-Term Care

When families are blended and aging parents have not yet reached the age of sixty-five, consider having a family meeting to discuss long-term care insurance. This type of plan will offer relief of any financial burdens they may encounter during their senior care. During these types of family meetings, it is essential to explain that, while they are still young and healthy, purchasing a policy such as this one will garner lower premiums.

Determine Who Will Be Responsible for Providing Care

Often times loved ones have a difficult time deciding who will be responsible for making decisions for them on their behalf. This is particularly true with a blended family. During the family meeting, this is an opportune time for the entire family to discuss with the aging loved one who they trust the most to make these types of decisions with regards to senior care, home care changes, and other elder care decisions. These decisions should be made while loved ones are still healthy and before they encounter any health issues.

Do Not be Disrespectful

No matter how difficult this statement is, the importance of remaining respectful at all times during every family meeting is essential. This is especially true when the aging loved one is present and they are voicing their wishes. While family members may not agree with everything that is said, or with every decision that is made, compromises must be determined. There may be past conflicts with stepparents or personal issues with other members of the blended family, but those differences must be put aside during these meetings. When everyone remains respectful, then it is possible to find the best possible senior care options for aging loved ones with regards to meeting their long-term home care needs.

Final Thoughts

For those who still have questions about how to handle elder care issues and meet home care needs of their aging loved one in a blended family, it may be essential be bring in the help of a senior care worker for assistance. They will be able to provide answers to questions, safety tips, meal planning advice, and the necessary tools to help mediate stressful situations.
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