Is Elderly Care Right Even for a Senior Who Is Not Extremely Old or Debilitated?

Posted: 7/26/2016 6:08 PM by Interim HealthCare
One question that many adult children grapple with when they are considering elderly care for their aging parents is whether this type of care arrangement is actually appropriate for their senior love ones. They may know that their parent has some challenges or needs, but assume that having a caregiver is something that should be limited just to the very old or debilitated, or that younger seniors and those who are still relatively healthy and independent do not need this type of care.

The truth is that elderly care can be highly beneficial for a wide range of older adults. While it can make aging in place possible for those who are extremely elderly or who are struggling with several different challenges and limitations, it can also help a younger senior who has a few minor needs enjoy a boost in their quality of life and engage in a more fulfilling and active lifestyle throughout their later years.

Some things to keep in mind when determining if hiring an elderly home care services provider include:

Household tasks. Your parent might still be healthy and relatively active, but doing the laundry or handling the vacuuming each week takes more time than they would like to devote to it. They might have some difficulty putting the dishes away or taking the trash out. A care provider can manage these tasks for your elderly parent so that your senior can save their time and energy for other things that they want and need to do.

Transportation. Just because your parent is still capable of living an active lifestyle does not mean that they should be driving. Low vision, hearing problems, cognitive challenges, dizziness, certain medications, and many other factors can influence whether them getting behind the wheel is still safe. If it is not, they may feel limited and not be able to do as much as they want to. The reliable transportation provided by a care provider, however, means that they can do what they want and need to do, when they want and need to do them. This gives them greater independence and also encourages your parent to be more active and engage more with the world around them.

Meal preparation. Nutrition is a vital component of your parent's health and wellbeing. For many seniors, however, getting the right balance of nutrients on a regular basis is not as easy as it could be. They may not know what to shop for, or may struggle with cooking. They may suffer from depression, loneliness, or other issues that make them not want to eat full meals on their own. A care provider can help your parent shop for the foods that are compliant with guidelines from their doctor, prepare meals that are healthy and fit with their personal tastes, and can be with them during mealtimes to make eating more enjoyable. All of these make it more likely that they will eat the healthy, nutritious diet they need to thrive.

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