10 Caregiver Hacks to Use Around the House

Posted: 1/21/2019 8:09 AM by Interim HealthCare
Caregivers are pretty amazing people. They are faced with new challenges every day and they come up with innovative solutions. When you think about it, you've probably come up with some creative solutions when caring for your loved one from time to time. 
All caregivers can use a few shortcuts from time to time.
Rather than reinventing the wheel every time you come across something new, it can be helpful to save time and energy using tips from other caregivers. Below are 10 of the most creative caregiver hacks collected from around the Web that might solve something that’s challenging you right now.
#1: Purchase a set of hiking poles to help aging relatives maintain their balance while walking. They are great for using on walks taken for exercise since they work both the arms and the legs.
#2: Make pens and pencils easier to hold by drilling a hole through a tennis ball. Stick the writing utensil in one hole and out the other. The senior holds the tennis ball while writing.
#3: Make a remote control easier to use by covering up all those buttons the older adult doesn’t need with tape. Leave the power button, volume, and channel changing buttons free. 
#4: Tie a piece of yarn to a zipper pull to make it easier to get a hold of.
#5: If your aging relative frequently misplaces items, try purchasing them in their favorite color. Because they are attracted to the color, they may spot the misplaced item more easily or just keep better track of it.
#6: Sometimes seniors who shuffle their feet can trip over even slight changes in the floor. To make steps up or down or thresholds more noticeable, try running a brightly colored piece of tape across them.
#7: Make your own ice pack by pouring one part rubbing alcohol and three parts water in a freezer bag. Freeze it for a while and you’ve got a handy ice pack to soothe aching joints. Just be sure to use a marker to label it “Do not eat!” 
#8: Use notecards to create a personalized “phone book” for an older adult with memory problems or dementia. Attach a picture of the person to the card. Next to it, in large print, write the person’s name, their relationship to the older adult, and their phone number. You can place them in a small binder or use a metal ring to hold them all together.
#9: Use adult coloring books to provide dementia patients with a relaxing and meaningful activity. They can be fun for caregivers, too!
#10: If your older family member needs help getting up from chairs but is likely to make the attempt on their own, try making a low-tech motion sensor. Braid some yarn together and attach a bell to one end of it. Place the bell across the senior’s lap while they sit. When they try to get up, you’ll hear the bell and can come to help them.
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