Can a Senior with Heart Failure Still Live a Full and Fulfilling Life?

Posted: 1/9/2018 8:02 AM by Interim HealthCare
If you are a family caregiver for an elderly adult who has recently received a diagnosis of heart failure, you may be worried that this means that they will not be able to live a full, fulfilling, and enjoyable life after diagnosis. Statistics show that the average length of life after diagnosis is five years, but advancements in treatments and improved lifestyles have shown that seniors with heart failure are still able to live a high quality of life. As their family caregiver, you can make a tremendous difference in their health, well-being, and enjoyment in life.
Some ways that you can help a senior with heart failure live a full and fulfilling life include:
  • Encourage their motivation to take care of themselves and continue to pursue the quality of life that they want. Help them to understand that they can live a good quality of life and that they can still pursue the things that they want to do even while managing their condition.
  • Talk to their doctor with them about their specific health issues related to their heart failure and the things that they want to do in life. Have the doctor tell your parent how they can make sure that they are still able to do the things that they need and want to do while managing their condition.
  • Work with your parent to create a care and management routine designed specifically to ensure that they manage their condition properly and in a way that fits in with the rest of their regular lifestyle. 

If you are concerned that your aging parent has needs and challenges that you are unable to meet effectively, your schedule or limitations have changed and altered your ability to give your senior the care that they need, or you simply feel that your parent could benefit from additional support, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting home care for them. An in-home senior care services provider can step in to fill care gaps and meet needs that you are uncomfortable or unable to manage yourself. This can not only ease your caregiver stress, but can also ease stress and anxiety for your aging parent. Through the personalized services of a care provider your parent can remain healthy, happy, safe, and comfortable, and pursue a more active and independent lifestyle as they age in place. This can support a better lifestyle and stronger relationship for your both of you.

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