How Can You Make Agitation Less of a Problem for Your Elderly Loved One?

Posted: 1/30/2017 9:33 AM by Interim HealthCare
Agitation is a common problem for elderly loved ones who have dementia. It's a situation in which they may begin to pace, engage in repetitive actions or vocalizations, or otherwise display that they're not comfortable. Agitation can be disturbing for you to witness and it's definitely disruptive and disturbing for your elderly loved one.
Look for the Underlying Cause of the Agitation
Your elderly loved one is not likely to be agitated for no reason at all. In almost every situation, your loved one is experiencing an issue that is causing the agitation. You may have to try several different solutions to find exactly the right one, especially if your loved one is not able to communicate with you. Some of the underlying causes can range from boredom to a need to eat. The more quickly you can find the underlying cause, the more quickly you can begin to implement a solution for your loved one.
Choose a Solution that Usually Works for the Underlying Cause in Question
It's vital to make sure that you look for all of the potential causes so you can offer the right solution. You might want to start with addressing physical needs for your elderly loved one. When did she last eat or drink something? Perhaps she needs the bathroom or she's in pain. Your loved one may need something to do or she may find something that is going on around her irritating. You'll need to go through a process of elimination to find the right underlying cause.
Work with Her Doctor to Help Reduce Agitation
Make sure that you talk with your loved one's doctor about her agitation. It's possible that there are changes to her medication that can help. He can also help you to pinpoint other potential causes that you might not have otherwise thought of on your own. Work closely with your loved one's doctor to track her periods of agitation and to figure out which solutions work best for her over time.
Your loved one's home care providers can help you learn to spot the underlying issues related to agitation for your elderly loved one. They have experience tailoring solutions to individual loved ones.
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