Why Caregivers are the Unsung Heroes of Healthcare

Posted: 2/20/2020 8:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
February 21 is National Caregivers Day and while we love to talk all year long about the amazing caregivers who are part of the Interim HealthCare team, this is truly a special day to recognize the passion, commitment and incredible skill of professional caregivers.

The professionals who care for our senior loved ones truly are unsung heroes, and we are beyond proud to have the most amazing caregivers on our team.

Here are just a few reasons why caregivers are the unsung heroes of healthcare:

They do the work most people won’t

It’s just hard sometimes to care for the people who need it. You know all too well how much your senior loved one dislikes and is possibly embarrassed by the fact that he or she needs someone to help with the daily tasks of life or – if your senior is seriously ill – provide more robust nursing/healthcare services. None of us want to feel needy or a burden.

What’s more, many of us when confronted with our declining health mourn our health and youth. This is understandable, of course, yet some of us rage about it and we often don’t keep that anger to ourselves but foist it on the people closest to us.

This also is quite understandable, but not everyone can face this kind of negativity day in and day out with grace, sympathy and caring.

Except for our home health professionals, of course!

They provide much-needed companionship and even friendship for your loved one

While it can require an adjustment at first, having a “stranger” providing care in the home, we’ve found that more often than not, caregivers become good friends with your loved ones. And vice versa.

They help your loved one live as healthy and active a life as possible

Many seniors have mobility issues and may be loath to venture out much, either because of embarrassment in having to use a cane or walker or outright fear of falling. Our caregivers help get your loved one to doctor’s appointments, out shopping, out to see friends, for trips to the movies, and more.

What’s more, should your loved one be recovering from a mobility-affecting accident or illness, our physical and occupational therapists can help them get back on their feet and engaging in their old activities as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

They help YOU continue to live your own life as much as possible, leaving you able to care/provide for your own family

Many adult children help their parents….a lot, sometimes to the detriment of their careers and family lives. Your own children can suffer as a result, as can your finances.

Enlisting the help of a professional caregiver to provide in-home care for the seniors you love can ensure your loved ones are well cared for, while you are able to take care of the people who depend on you (and yourself!).

Everyone wins

And isn’t that exactly what unsung heroes do? Help everyone win?

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