Special Ways to Show Mom or Dad You Care on Valentine’s Day

Posted: 2/10/2020 8:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
Although every day is a wonderful opportunity to show Mom or Dad you care, Valentine's Day is an especially important day for many families. Particularly in families where Mom or Dad may have lost a significant other, Valentine's Day can be a bittersweet rememberance. Seniors may feel especially lonely or sad, depending on their circumstances.

Step up your efforts for Mom or Dad this Valentine's Day

While just about everyone loves flowers and chocolates, put on your thinking cap to make Valentine's Day extra specia for your senior loved ones this year. Here are some ideas to get you started:

- Purchase Mom or Dad a "smart" device. Technology has made it easier than ever for you to talk to and even see your loved ones, regardless of your location. Specifically, a Google Home or Amazon Echo device can help you stay connected. Both platforms allow you to "call" loved ones, and some models even allow you to make video calls. For a lonely senior, having family "in" your living room can make Valentine's Day especially sweet if you are "present," even if you live far away.
- Involve your children. Few gifts are more appreciated than homemade ones -- especially when they're from grandchildren! This year, rather than just sending a card, involve your kids in Valentine's Day crafts for your senior loved ones. Homemade cards, cutout hearts, even baked goods you and your kids make together can all be hand delivered, or if you live out of town, sent via overnight or priority shipping to make Valentine's Day extra sweet for Mom or Dad. Need some inspiration to get you started? Here's a starter list of Valentine's Day crafts for kids. Your senior loved ones are sure to love any of these as a surprise present this year!
- Protect their hearts. Senior loved ones are at an increased risk of heart disease and other ailments of the heart. What better day to help seniors protect their hearts than Valentine's Day? The latest Apple Watch model has advanced heart health features, including fall detection, crafted with seniors in mind. If you have concerns about your loved one's health (and especially heart health), an Apple Watch could be an excellent choice for a Valentine's Day present. 
- Get creative with chocolate. In addition to being a perennial Valentine's Day present, dark chocolate in particular has been shown to have heart-protecting benefits. Who knew you could send a thoughtful yet decadent Valentine's Day treat and do some good for Mom or Dad's heart health? To up the antioxidant boost your loved one will get from small quantities of dark chocolate, consider straying from the traditional box of assorted chocolates and instead, order dark chocolate-covered berries for Mom or Dad to enjoy. The vitamin C and antioxidants from the strawberries will create a double whammy of protection with the dark chocolate, and Mom or Dad are sure to love the tasty treats!

Whatever you choose for Mom or Dad this Valentine's Day, make it a gift from the heart and it's sure to be well received! 

Senior home care can help keep Mom or Dad healthy and happy.

Home care for your senior loved ones is a gift that lasts the entire year, keeping them happy and healthy. If Mom or Dad needs an extra hand, or if you need a compassionate, skilled caregiver to help you continue providing the best possible care for your loved ones, home care is an excellent choice. Here at Interim HealthCare, we have a range of specialized home care options to meet the specific needs of your senior loved one. Our website has more information about specialized home care services, or call your local Interim HealthCare location to learn more.