Should My Aging Mom Take Dance Classes?

Posted: 2/19/2019 8:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
Senior dance classes are extremely popular and well-attended by elderly adults who are looking for fun ways to socialize and exercise. Even aging adults that rely on family caregiver and elderly care advisors to help them with daily tasks can benefit from joining a class that caters to senior students.

Why Seniors Need Exercise

With age, it is more difficult for aging adults to participate in activities and exercises that work for their age-related needs, yet keep them physically fit and mentally happy. Obstacles like chronic illness, injury and the effects of aging can prevent seniors from doing some of the most basic exercises. Plus, many seniors simply don’t have the motivation to get up and move anymore. 

Studies show that mild to moderate exercise provides many health benefits. Exercise boosts circulation, strengthens muscle and bone, sharpens balance and increases flexibility. In seniors, exercise can reduce the risk of major ailments like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, dementia and even cancer. Getting your senior loved ones moving whenever safe and possible is an important step for caregivers.

Dance Classes are Ideal for Seniors

When it comes to choosing a form of exercise, few can compare with senior dance classes. Often held in senior centers or fitness centers, age-appropriate dance classes are a big hit. Dance classes are fun and functional, with instructors that know how to modify existing dances to their aging students. 

Dance classes span a range of genres, including salsa, ballroom, jazz, country and ballet, to name a few. Many classes even accommodate elderly adults with assistive walking devices like canes, walkers and wheelchairs. There’s room for everyone in a senior dance class, regardless of ability.

Dance classes can also benefit mental health in seniors. Because they are more likely to be lonely and isolated, seniors are at a high risk for depression and anxiety. Participation in a senior dance class allows them to make friends, socialize and otherwise have a good time with other people. As a result, they are less likely to develop anxiety and depression, and participation can also boost their cognitive abilities, self-esteem and communication abilities. 

Family caregivers and elderly care providers should recognize how much fun the aging adult can have at a senior dance class, plus benefit from the moderate exercise. Before starting any dance class, seniors should check with their doctor and get approval. Once they are given the all-clear, family caregivers and elderly care providers can work out transportation and attendance for the aging adult. As part of an energetic and thoughtful elderly care health plan, it’s important to consider senior dance classes.

Searching for opportunities to keep Mom or Dad living at home?

Participation in dance classes and other forms of independence are critical to the health and happiness of your senior loved ones. Home health care is one way to supplement your own caregiving while providing extra peace of mind and security that Mom or Dad is receiving trained, medical care at home. 

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