4 Major Benefits to Bringing in Senior Care Providers for Your Elderly Loved One

Posted: 2/24/2017 11:36 AM by Interim HealthCare
Many elderly loved ones balk at the idea of hiring senior care providers. It could be the fact that there's a stranger in her home now or simply that she's always been so independent.

Your Loved One Can Maintain Some of Her Independence
When your elderly loved one has an elderly care provider with her, she may at first feel that she's being watched. But the reality is that having someone available allows your loved one to stay in her home and maintain some of her independence while still having help when she needs it. That help may only be for light housekeeping or companionship, but there's still someone there for her.

Your Loved One Can Stay Active
Your elderly loved one might feel nervous about being more active when she's alone, even if she wouldn't tell you that directly. Having in-home care providers available gives her someone who can drive her to her events, help her to exercise, and even take over household tasks to free up your loved one's time.

Your Loved One Can Feel Safer at Home
Sometimes your elderly loved one might forget to lock the door or she might be uncertain whether she turned the burner off on the stove. Having a home care provider there with her helps to eliminate some of those concerns, both for her and for you. Your loved one might have other issues that having someone else around enables her to feel safer.

You've Got a Respite Care Plan
Being a family caregiver takes up a lot of time and energy for you. If you're smart, you're already working out ways that you can take time for yourself. Having the option to work with elder care providers to take over when you need time away gives you a way to ensure that you do take that time.
Even if your elderly loved one doesn't see a reason for you to hire senior care providers now, she may well come around to the idea once she has some experience with having someone available. You can also try this on a temporary basis to see how well it works for both of you.

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