Recovery Care after Cancer Treatments

Posted: 2/26/2015 10:43 AM by Interim HealthCare
Home Health Care Services by Interim HealthCare Could Help Your Aging Loved One Improve Their Health After Cancer!
Cancer survivors are, after their therapy, very keen to get back on track with a healthy way of living. There are many ways they can improve their way of life to be healthier and help with recovery. Most of these tips are no different from the tips anybody who wants to improve their well-being might follow, but for seniors recovering from cancer there are some extras.

Some of the steps for healthier living after cancer treatments:
  •  Regular training – Exercising on a regular basis can improve a person’s physical condition significantly and help with a quicker recovery. Anything from walking around the neighborhood to weekly exercise in the gym is positive, of course with the doctor's approval. The best way is to gradually increase the tempo with each day.
  •  Healthy diet - Avoid Trans fats and consume plenty of fruits and vegetables; at least two and a half cups daily. Fish, eggs, nuts, seeds are healthy additions. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for a healthy diet. Vitamins and mineral supplements should only be taken on a doctor’s recommendation, to avoid reacting with other medications your senior loved one may already be taking.
  • Weight regulation - Cancer survivors often have problems with weight, because many gain or lose weight during the treatment. If a person, as a side effect of the treatment, lost too much weight – the safest way to gain some back is through a balanced diet approved by a dietitian.
  •  Ceasing the tobacco habit - Smoking and chewing tobacco are known to increase the chances of cancer recurrence, so it’s highly recommended to quit the tobacco habit once and for all.
  •  Reducing or quitting alcohol usage – Alcohol usage is thought to enhance the chances of getting certain types of cancer.

It does take some effort to change habits. It’s really not very easy to do all the changes at once. Your senior loved one will need some help and encouragement to get him or her through this difficult time. But adopting healthier habits and stopping unhealthy habits is a key for anyone to get on a path to better health. Maybe the family can get together and join your senior loved one in the healthy lifestyle changes. Everyone helping each other will make the change easier.

For your loved one’s medical needs at home, hire home health care services. Most elderly family members would much rather convalesce at home than anywhere else. Their own bed and familiar surroundings will help to comfort and uplift them during this time.

If you have an aging loved one and are considering home health care services, contact Interim HealthCare today