5 Creative Ways to Stay Connected with Loved Ones During the Holidays

Posted: 12/6/2021 10:34 AM by Interim HealthCare

The holidays are upon us. For most people, this time of year is filled with parties, family gatherings, and just spending quality time with the ones you love. But for family members who are homebound or unable to travel or gather in person, the holidays can be a challenging time of year, especially when so many people have started to gather again in-person post-pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean your loved ones who aren’t present have to feel isolated and alone this holiday season.
Here are five ways you can stay connected with family and friends, regardless of the distance between you, this holiday season.
1. Chat virtually
If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us one thing, it’s that we don’t have to be in the same room to connect with others. Thanks to modern technology, you can see, talk and connect with people from all across the globe through the screen on your mobile device or computer.
Services like Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangouts let you gather virtually so you can still spend time together. This simple, and free, way to stay in touch with your loved ones allows you to schedule regular phone calls or video chats to ensure everyone can participate.
Simply set up your device and bake cookies with loved ones, decorate the Christmas tree together, or just chat with each other from your screen. Even though you’re apart, you can still keep traditions alive and spend time with the ones you love most during the holiday season.
2. Send mail

Go “old school” and send a card or package in the mail.
SilverPost makes it simple and easy to send holiday postcards to your loved ones. All you do is send a text, with pictures and a message, and then they create, print and mail the card for you.
Other fun options you can send are:
●      Homemade gifts and goodies – personalized gifts are a great way to say Happy Holidays.
●      Deliver a box of love – there are a variety of services where you can order a personalized gift that is delivered straight to your loved one’s door.
●      Send a hug – if you can’t be there to give a hug in person, a cozy blanket and hot chocolate are the next best thing.
Sending a gift or card in the mail is a simple way to spread joy and stay connected with those who may be homebound or aren’t able to travel during the holiday season.
3. Host a virtual watch party

For many, watching the classics is a holiday tradition. With so many movies centered around the holidays – A Christmas Story, The Santa Clause, Home Alone, the Grinch, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and It’s a Wonderful Life – it’s not surprising that families and loved ones enjoy watching movies together over the holidays.
Many streaming services have recently created “watch party” features so you can host a virtual watch party where you can enjoy all your favorite holiday classics together, no matter where you are.
These platforms let you host “watch parties” through their service:
●      Hulu Watch Party
●      Amazon Prime Video Watch Party
●      Disney+ GroupWatch
These platforms require a third-party extension:
●      Netflix Party
●      Scener
●      Zoom
Put on your coziest pjs, grab some hot chocolate and enjoy a holiday classic with the people you love.
4. Cook together
For most people, the holidays revolve around being in the kitchen and gathering around a table. Distance doesn’t have to change that. You can host a virtual meal with your friends and family. 
Order your favorite meal kit delivery service and have it delivered directly to everyone’s doors. Here are some popular meal kit delivery services:
●      HelloFresh
●      Blue Apron
●      Home Chef
Decorate your dinner table and set up a video chat and spend a night cooking and dining together.
You could also make the meal and mail it or drop it off to those loved ones who are homebound or unable to participate in the virtual dinner party.
5. Drive through a holiday light display
Looking for a fun and entertaining activity to do with your loved ones outside of the house? A holiday light display is perfect! Hop in the car and spend the night driving around and seeing all the elaborate light displays and decorations. Get a parade of your family and friends and make it a night. For those who are homebound, decorate your cars with lights and decorations and do a drive by parade for them.
It’s important to stay connected
While there may be circumstances that keep you from gathering in person this year, there are still so many ways to stay connected and spend time together during the holidays. By utilizing one or more of the above activities, and also by simply checking in with your loved ones often via phone or text, you can ensure everyone feels connected and loved this holiday season.