How to work in home care

Posted: 12/3/2020 8:00 AM by Interim HealthCare
Have you been wondering how to work in home care? We would love to have you join our team here at Interim HealthCare

You've probably been reading about the incredible growth in home care right now, as we all look for ways to keep our loved ones safe and healthy while the world battles COVID-19.

And maybe you've heard about all the incredible reasons to work in home care, so you're ready to take the first step in your new home care career. 

Wherever you are in your home care career journey, we are here to help. Here's an introduction on how you can start to work in home care.

How to get started and work in home care

Starting a new career or job can be overwhelming and confusing, but there is good news: While it can be stressful starting a new job (particulary in economically-uncertain times), it's not difficult at all to begin your career and work in home care.

Here are some crucial first steps to kick things off:

Figure out what roles or jobs interest you.

There are SO many opportunities to work in home care, it's important to figure out the roles or positions that are the best fit for your background and career goals.

Depending on whether you're coming from another healthcare role, or whether you're transitioning from another industry (like hospitality, customer service or restaurants), there are different roles that may be a fit for you. We recently broke down some of the most common roles in home care in this blog post - you'll find introductions to these key roles in the post. 

Determine the hours and days that you want or are available to work. 

Before you begin applying to jobs, it's important to write down and map out what it will ideally look like when you work in home care. 

Do you need flexibility in your schedule? List out the days and times that will work best for you. Are you looking for a certain number of hours? Do the same. Write out any and every detail you can think of that will potentially affect your choice of the best home care work opportunity for your goals. 

Then, refer to that list/writeup while you are searching for and applying to home care work opportunities in your area. If the information you need isn't listed in a job posting, ask the recruiter or recruiting company to answer any questions before you apply (or during the interview process) so that you are armed with the best information possible to choose the right opportunity for you and your career. 

Find the right company to start your home care career.

Once you know what role is the best fit for you, and you have defined the work arrangement that makes the most sense for your career and goals, it's time to find the right company to begin working in home care!

It's important to note that not all home care companies are created equal! Here at Interim HealthCare, our franchise owners support our team members across the country with flexible work arrangements, a positive culture, strong sense of team, ongoing training opportunities and much more. 

When you're applying to jobs, and throughout your research and interviews, make sure to ask questions about the culture of a company -- is it the type of company where you want to work as you begin your home care career? Is it a company where you can see yourself growing? Does the company offer flexibility and opportunities that align with your availability and goals? 

You are Made to Work in Home Care!

We would love to have you join our team, and we are confident that you are MADE to work in home care. We invite you to visit our special "Made For This" Careers site, with access to jobs across the United States, plus stories and insights from members of our team who came from many different backgrounds and are now THRIVING in a home care career with Interim