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Supporting Your Parent Before Their Cancer Test

Posted: 8/3/2018 7:48 AM by Interim HealthCare
Proactive healthcare is all about making decisions, and taking steps that educate you about health, and allow you to make further changes and decisions to manage health issues, and cope with their effects. When considering the possibility of cancer, getting the tests and screenings recommended by a doctor is an important proactive step. These tests and screenings provide information that can allow for early diagnosis of cancer, which provides the best chances of successful and effective treatment. Even if cancer is not caught until a more advanced stage, testing provides this diagnosis, and enables your senior to make decisions regarding their future care and management.

Despite the benefits of receiving a diagnosis, the time leading up to a test for cancer can be very stressful. Just the thought of facing a task can make your aging parents think about the possibility of cancer, how it may impact their life, and even their mortality. During this time, you will need to offer your aging parent as much support as you can. The support and encouragement you provide your parents can be instrumental in protecting their mental and emotional health, and also guiding them in making the decisions that are right for them.
Use these tips to help you support your parent before their cancer screening or test:
  • Make sure they understand the process of the screening or test. If they don't understand why they are being tested or screened, explain it to them, and go over the process so they feel more in control and less anxious.
  • Be available to them to talk about their feelings, and what they are going through as they think about not just the test, but the possibility of a diagnosis. Let them express what they feel, their fears, and their concerns. Address each of these as you can, but also be willing to just listen.
  • Encourage your parent to start thinking about care and treatment decisions. Thinking about these issues now can be more effective and less stressful than thinking about them after diagnosis. Your parent can consider options with a clear mind, and start the decision-making process so it is faster and more efficient should they be diagnosed with the disease.

Help your parent recognize that they can still live an enjoyable and meaningful lifestyle even if they are diagnosed with cancer. Let them know you will still be there for them, will still be their family caregiver, and will continue to love and support them no matter what they go through. Help your parent to understand that they are not their disease, and that while it will become a part of their life, it doesn't have to be at their entire life. 

If you're senior parent is at the beginning of a personal journey with a serious health condition such as cancer, now maybe the ideal time for you to start elder care for them. Having an elderly home care services provider in your parent's care routine from the beginning of their experience with a particular health problem can help them to manage this health issue in the best way possible, while also supporting their overall quality of life. The highly customized services of an elderly care provider are specifically designed to address your senior's needs as an individual, helping them to stay as physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy and well as possible. These care services are tailored to your parent as an individual, keeping in mind their thoughts, opinions, personality traits, and personal goals, while helping them to stay compliant with medications and instructions, stay physically and mentally active, boost their mental and emotional well-being, and engage in the world around them regardless of the challenges they are currently facing, or may face as they age.

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