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Can You Really Exercise as a Caregiver?

Posted: 8/23/2018 8:11 AM by Interim HealthCare
Even if exercise isn't your biggest priority, you might realize that you need at least a little bit in your daily routine. Here are some ideas for getting more exercise as a family caregiver.

Work out with Your Aging Adult
It's very possible that your senior's doctor has been trying to convince her to exercise at least a little bit. Once you know what sorts of activities are best for them, you can both put a plan together. In order to help motivate your aging adult, why not work out with them? Even if the exercises you're doing aren't what you would normally choose, you're getting in some activity and that's what really matters.

Take Small Exercise Breaks All Day
There's a misconception that you should work out all at once. You don't really have to do that. All of the exercise that you do each day has a cumulative effect, so you can easily take really small exercise breaks all day long. Five minutes here and five minutes there add up and by the end of the day you might have put in 30 minutes or more into being more active.

Get up Ten Minutes Earlier and Stretch
Sleep is definitely important, but if you're pressed for time during the day you might feel frustrated that you're not getting much exercise in. Try getting up just ten minutes earlier and do a stretching routine. This can help to limber up your body before you really get going on your day. If you don't like stretching, find something else that you can do for a few minutes, like using a step exerciser or a treadmill for just a few minutes.

Carve out Bigger Workout Times
You can also carve out bigger workout times throughout the week, especially if you've got the help of elderly care providers. They can take care of things with your aging adult while you go on a long walk or hit the gym for a session with a trainer or a class. When you know you don't have to worry about your senior, you can concentrate on yourself for a little while.

If you're trying to be too strict with yourself about working out, you're more likely to be disappointed in your exercise plan. Instead, take advantage of times and opportunities as they present themselves to you. That gives you a better chance at getting the activity that you really need.

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