5 Common Health Issues Seniors Face

Posted: 8/20/2014 9:40 AM by Interim HealthCare
There are some common health issues faced by all adults  of any age. For elderly people, these health issues can have a great deal of consequence for the loved one’s health. They are already getting to a stage in life where they want and need to slow things down a little. They may also start needing some help at home. Now is a good time to consider getting a home care provider for them to help with everyday tasks of living.

1.      Nutrition and physical activity. These need to be kept up throughout life. When seniors neglect either of these two, there will be health consequences. For elderly people who don't have the energy to do much cooking or are too afraid to go out walking by themselves, it’s easy for both these essential activities to decline. That’s where a good caregiver can really make all the difference.
2.      Overweight issues or obesity. These increase a person’s risk for hypertension, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, osteoarthritis, endometrial cancer and more. Also, it makes it very difficult to get around. When overweight or obesity are an issue, physical activity usually becomes a secondary issue. They are an endless cycle because one causes the other.
3.      Tobacco. Interestingly, even though rates of tobacco use have somewhat declined, this is one of the most preventable causes of premature death and illness in the U.S. Physician support in tobacco cessation results in greater success rates.
4.      HIV/Aids.  This may not seem like a problem associated with an older age group but in reality about 11-15% of all AIDS cases arise in seniors who are over the age of 50. Many of the symptoms of HIV are similar to those that accompany other health issues associated with this age group, so it’s not always readily diagnosed. The issue of hidden drug use is mostly unrecognized.
5.      Substance abuse. This could include alcohol and drugs. Seniors may self-medicate using legal or illegal drugs or with the use of alcohol. They also may be less educated or aware about the hazards of mixing drugs and alcohol.

If you suspect an older adult is suffering from any of these health concerns or may need help in one of these areas, talk to them or their health professional about getting the assistance they need. Sometimes these issues stem from loneliness, isolation or depression. When these areas are addressed, your senior can be pointed in the right direction towards mental and physical healing and overcoming addictions.

Having a caregiver really helps to alleviate loneliness and gives your loved one some much-needed companionship. There are less things for them to worry about or struggle with when they have some help by their side each day.

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