Here’s why a home healthcare career is right for you!

Posted: 4/3/2019 8:00 AM by Interim HealthCare

We have good news -- we’re hiring! Interim HealthCare franchises across the country are looking for home healthcare workers like you to make a difference in the lives of others in your community.


Whether you’re an experienced healthcare professional who is looking for a change and considering a pivot into home care, you’re a young adult looking for inspiration to choose a first career, or you’re an experienced professional ready for a career change, the home care industry welcomes you with open arms. It’s an exciting, rewarding time to work in home care, and Interim HealthCare is proud to be at the forefront of innovation and growth in this important industry.


Are home care jobs a good fit for you?  


Wherever you are in your home care career journey, keep reading for insights to help you decide whether a home healthcare job with Interim HealthCare is right for you.


Home care jobs may be a good fit for you, if...


You want to help people.


There are few occupations more rewarding than helping someone who cannot complete important tasks or self-administer medical treatment. At its most basic, a home healthcare career is the perfect fit for people who want to help others and make a difference in the world.


In many instances, without the assistance of a home care nurse or aide, many Interim HealthCare clients would not be able to stay in their homes. Many of our home care employees share the pride they feel, being able to empower others who need a little extra help.


You’re interested in healthcare, but love flexibility.


Healthcare careers are attractive for many reasons. In particular, healthcare jobs are certainly on the rise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects healthcare careers to grow 18% between now and 2026 -- much faster than jobs in other industries.


Home care careers offer the growth and stability found within the healthcare industry, but with more flexibility than you may find in other healthcare areas. Part-time, full-time, per diem, with flexibility in location and availability -- these are just a few of the ways you can customize the look and feel of your home care career. To research specific options available in your area, search for opportunities at an Interim HealthCare franchise near you.


You don’t want to work behind a desk or in front of a computer all day.


The health risks of sitting all day, particularly hunched over a computer, are well documented. Although there are ways to mitigate those risks, the idea of sitting behind a desk all day simply doesn’t appeal to some people.


If you don’t want to spend over eight hours every day in front of a computer, sitting at a desk all day, home care careers may be the perfect fit for you. While some may thrive in that environment, many of our home care aides across the country share that they enjoy the flexibility of a “different “workplace every day (and throughout the day), they love being on the move and out in the sunshine in between clients, and they love working at Interim HealthCare.


Ready to take the next (or first!) step in your home care career?

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