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Wound Care Treatment

Interim Healthcare provides a wide variety of treatment services that include suture removal, staples, care of drain, packing, changing wound dressings.  Educating patients helps foster greater independence in regards to their wound care and reduce the risk of complications via education, monitoring and various care services.

Assessment, Treatment, Management, and Monitoring

Our professionally trained staff addresses the individual patient’s wound care needs, taking into consideration their overall condition.  We address potential barriers for the client, how to go about overcoming those barriers, and educating what the patient or their loves ones role will be throughout the whole process of wound care. Our highly qualified staff is also trained in state of the art advances in wound care and are familiar with a variety of products to support medical orders and cost efficient wound management.  

We realize that wound management and care at home may be difficult.  You can be confident that our staff will not only monitor progress on a regular basis, but will also abide by a standard of documentation and weekly measurement of the wound site.  Any significant changes will be reported to the physician and we will provide any updates at the request of the patient.

Our clinician’s extensive training and wound care competencies puts the physicians treatment plan in action by
  • Improving healing time
  • Improving patient comfort
  • Preventing complications
  • Improving overall patient outcomes
  • Utilizing appropriate products and supplies
  • Increasing patient satisfaction
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