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IV-Infusion Therapy

Interim HealthCare of West Texas is proud to offer Home Infusion Therapy.  Infusion Therapy provides many benefits to the client, allowing them to avoid longer hospital stays and provide the option of avoiding a nursing home.  Infusion Therapy is conducted by a Registered Nurse in the patients home, administering of IV fluid and medication.
Medicare does not cover IV supplies and medications under Part A.  Part B and Part D coverage may be available.
What Is Home Infusion Therapy?
Home Infusion Therapy is the administration of medications either by intravenous (IV) lines that are placed directly into the bloodstream, or through a tube that has been inserted directly into the patient’s stomach or intestine.  Once a doctor has prescribed a home infusion therapist, our highly trained home care nurses are available to provide this service in the comfort of your own home. 
What Are The Advantages Of Home Infusion?
Home infusion can help avoid a lengthier hospital stay, which can greatly reduce the overall cost of treatment.  Also, individualized treatment by a highly qualified home infusion nurse can increase patient comfort and satisfaction. 
Is Home Infusion Safe?
Home infusion is an effective and safe substitute to inpatient hospital stays.  The goal of our infusion team is to help the patient maintain their independent lifestyles, while still receiving high quality of care.  Before starting home infusion therapy, an in-depth assessment is conducted to ensure that the patient is an appropriate candidate for these services and to determine if other services are necessary.  We have specially trained infusion pharmacists, nurses, dieticians, and other health care professionals available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to monitor therapy services, address the patients’ needs and communicate with their physicians. 
Common Home Infusion Therapies Include:
Antibiotics, Pain Management, Total Parental Nutrition, Immunoglobulin, Central Line Maintenance

This service is available at these locations:


Corpus Christi, TX | Dallas, TX | Fort Worth, TX

New Mexico
Hobbs, NM | Roswell, NM

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