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Independent Living Assessment

With more than 40 years of home care experience, we understand how important it is for people to stay in their homes. But sometimes, the challenges of everyday living get beyond even the most independent-minded person. It's important to know if someone is safe.

Take the First Step to See if Someone is Safe at Home

We've developed a series of questions to help identify factors that may place someone's safety at risk. By taking the time to answer these questions, you can learn more about what places someone in an unsafe situation. And you'll receive suggestions for getting extra help or support.

It's easy. Just answer each question, or indicate "don't know" if you are unsure of an answer. When you're finished, you'll be able to immediately see the results. And if you want more information or you need help, you can easily contact the closest Interim HealthCare office.

Take the assessment now.

Need Help at Home?

If you have any questions about home care or have a specific request, simply complete the form below. We're here to help.

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