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This area offers franchisees technical support solutions and third party software updates to insure communications are successful across the network. This area is supported by the Information Technology Department. For information or help, please call (954) 858-2800.

Remote Support

Often, the Technical Support Center (TSC) can better assist you when they are able to view what is on your screen and interact with your computer. From here, you can download software to allow the TSC to view and operate your computer remotely from National Headquarters.

Communications Portal

There are a number of ways to enhance your Communications Portal capabilities. These products provide extra functionality on your desktop, laptop and mobile phone when accessing your Communications Portal e-mail account.


          * Limited support available

Compatible Solutions

Interim HealthCare uses third party software products to produce documentation and distribute it throughout the network via email or online through our secure intranet(s). If you are having trouble viewing files on the website, the Bookshelf or Microsoft Office files that you have received as an attachment, check below for solutions to your viewing or editing compatibility problems.



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