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Temporary HealthCare Staffing by Interim

Temporary staffing for healthcare facilitiesToday, professionals are looking for flexible work schedules. They want freedom and control of their time. But they also want stability. We recognize that many healthcare professionals already maintain primary employment with one company but are in need of additional income.  Interim HealthCare is very flexible in scheduling for temporary per diem staffing assignments that will fit this need. Interim HealthCare offers the best of all. We specialize in placing employees on short and long term staffing assignments in many different types of health care facilities, as well as schools, wellness projects and clinical research trials.

We also understand that people‘s lives are busy and we need to offer a convenient and efficient hiring process. Our extensive recruitment program includes CareersByWeb, a proprietary online application process that generates thousands of qualified candidates throughout the United States. This provides a large pool of personnel that makes it much easier for us to meet today's staffing challenges in a variety of health care settings. For the applicant, it affords ease of use by providing the opportunity to complete segments of our hiring process in the convenience of his or her own home.

With more than 45 years of experience, we know the staffing business and we offer the assurance of a trusted accountable partner that can provide healthcare professionals with a high quality work environment and our customers with high quality supplemental staff.

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