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Home Hospice Benefits for Veterans

Home hospice care may be granted to a Veteran who has either enrolled in the program, or was not required to do so and has been determined to be eligible for Veteran's Administration (VA) benefits. If the Veteran has beenHome hospice care may be granted to a veteran. diagnosed with an incurable disease in which he or she is in the last phase of hospice, services may be granted.

Hospice services generally require the physician, patient and family to acknowledge that the disease is terminal. The understanding is that the care provided is comfort care as opposed to healing treatment and that this treatment will be relinquished once hospice care begins, must also be acknowledged.
MYTH: The VA does not pay for hospice services.
FACT: the VA pays for all Hospice services provided to eligible veterans.

MYTH: Hospice care must be provided in a VA facility.
FACT: services are available in private homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or wherever one calls home and Interim HealthCare Hospice can be the provider of these services.

MYTH: Using hospice services will disqualify a Veteran for VA benefits.
FACT: accessing hospice services will not affect a Veteran’s eligibility for any VA benefits to which they are otherwise entitled.

Visit the VA website learn more about the VA's Long Term Care benefits.

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