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Home Care Services Meet a Variety of Needs

In-Home Care Services by Interim HealthCareInterim HealthCare provides a variety of home care services. Based on the needs of the individual, these services fall into several categories of home care.  These include services for individuals with special care situations caused by medical conditions such as diabetes or heart failure or injuries from an accident. 

Some people think home care is just for older adults.  But, home care services can be provided to people of all ages from infants to the elderly. By providing  care services in a home setting, the individual is more comfortable and able to respond better to the goal of the plan of care. 

Our offices meet with the individual needing help in addition to family members who may also play a role in supporting the care needs.  When necessary, there may also be a meeting with the physician, social worker, hospital discharge planner or other healthcare professional.  All of the information is combined to develop the best understanding of the individual so the plan of care is customized to best meet his or her needs. 

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Not all services are available in every Interim HealthCare location. For a full list of available services in your area, check with your local Interim HealthCare office.

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