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Home Care Services for Joint Replacement

Nearly one million Americans have total hip or knee replacement surgery every year. While many of these procedures were performed on seniors, more than 100,000 individuals under age 65 had a hip or knee joint replaced.

The number continues to grow, in part, due to people living longer and the accumulative wear and tear on joints. Today, there are even people choosing to undergo repeat replacements.

Home care is an effective part of a patient’s recovery from surgery whether on a stand-alone basis or prior to outpatient therapy. Interim HealthCare's Joint Replacement Program is designed to integrate orthopedic physicians’ orders for pre- and post-surgical care with nurses’ and therapists’ expertise in teaching and executing care plans.

Home Care services for people having hip and knee replacement surgery

Interim can customize a program that:

  • Contributes to patients having a better understanding of how to follow the doctor’s orders, thereby enhancing optimum recovery
  • Improves patient and family satisfaction
  • Provides patient and family education regarding what to expect during recovery thus gaining confidence and improving comfort with post-surgical activities

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