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Can low-carb diets control diabetes?

Can low-carb diets control diabetes? Can low-carb diets control diabetes?

Diabetes can be a challenging disease for seniors to manage. Between monitoring medications, checking blood sugar levels and following the correct diet, there are many things that diabetics need to stay aware of. However, a new report suggests that adhering to a low-carb diet may now make managing diabetes a little easier.

In a study from London Metropolitan University, diabetic patients who reduced their daily carb intake to just 30 grams lowered their glycated haemoglobin levels by 2.2 percent. Study participants also lost an average of 4.7 kilograms in two years, compared to just 2.9 kilograms lost on a low-fat diet instead.

Lowering carb intake can help keep blood sugar levels down, but it's not the only part of the solution. Seniors with diabetes must also eat the right lean proteins, fruits and vegetables that create a well-rounded diet. 

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