Ways to Exercise with Seniors without Going to the Gym

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Posted: 2/1/2018 9:29 AM by Interim HealthCare
When exercising is recommended for seniors, most are intimidated and overwhelmed by the thought of going to a crowded gym. This does not have to be the case because exercising can be done outside of the gym. Below are some suggestions for exercising with a senior loved one.

Consult Your Doctor First – Always consult your parents doctor first. By talking to a doctor, you can discover the level of intensity the workouts can be, what types of exercises would be most beneficial, and what the warning signs are that your loved one is pushing to hard.

Do what Interest your Loved One – For seniors that are reluctant to exercise, a good way to start is to figure out what your loved one’s interests are and make them a little bit more active. Examples of this would be to play with grand kids, walking the dog, or taking nature walks. Use their interests to build up to exercising more.

Make it Fun – Exercising should be something your senior loved one is looking forward too. If you help make exercising fun, the more likely your loved one will stay with the program.

Switch Things Up -  Now and again, your loved one might still find herself getting bored. Try shaking things up a bit. You can do this by changing locations for her regular exercise, such as walking on a different trail, or by exercising at a different time of day or on a day she normally doesn't exercise. There are countless ways to keep your loved one from getting too far into a rut.

Your loved one doesn't have to do this alone if you're not able to help. At Interim HealthCare we provide senior care services that will help your loved one with exercise, while keeping them out of the gym.

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