The Story of Alani and her Interim HealthCare Team

"They don't know exactly what's wrong with her. She has a heart condition, a feeding tube; she has developmental delay, she had to have a tracheotomy; she needs complete and total care." These are the words of a mother facing an unimaginable set of challenges - which Jessica Ashwell does with grace, conviction - and help from an incredible team of Interim HealthCare caregivers.

Confined to a wheelchair and nourished via a feeding tube, little Alani is still able to attend special school four hours a day thanks to Interim care professional Heather Hansen. Heather, a Registered Nurse, arrives each morning by 7 a.m. to help get Alani ready for school - a daily regimen that includes a full physical assessment. In addition, Heather actually attends school with Alani for four hours every day. "She has a blast. We love it - we love school," Heather says. "I think it's great that I can go to school with her."
Alani's mom Jessica considers Heather a lifesaver, saying, "I thank God for her every day." And Heather finds great satisfaction in knowing that what she does not only helps others - but that it was what she was born to do. As she notes with a smile, "When I first went to Interim, they gave me a series of exams, and from these exams they placed you where you belong. And apparently, where I belonged was with pedies."