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November 2013

Home Care Companions Keep Seniors Happy – Friendship & Socialization are Important for Seniors

Posted: 11/29/2013 10:14 AM by Interim HealthCare

Studies have shown that there is an important link between social interaction and the health of senior individuals. Although socialization is important for everybody – regardless of their age -seniors are more susceptible to the dangers caused by isolation. Seniors have spent a majority of their lives in the company of others, from raising families to working. 

Elderly Care in the Cyber Age- Help Seniors Avoid Online Scams

Posted: 11/27/2013 2:18 PM by Interim HealthCare

How has elderly care changed in modern years? Thanks to technology advances, there have been a lot of changes within the health care industry, and elderly care providers have a great number of tools that are available to them now to provide the best elderly care possible that weren’t available just a few short years ago. It’s also important, even though the medical advances are beneficial, to realize that the cyber age has also created a number of new risks for our elderly loved ones.

Let’s Celebrate! November is National Home Care Month

Posted: 11/5/2013 10:10 PM by Interim HealthCare

There are over 70 million baby boomers who are retiring and soon to retire; these staggering numbers, coupled with today’s extended life spans, means there will be need for a lot of caregivers. The value of caregivers who help elderly persons cannot be measured. Independence and the ability to remain at home are two of the most important things to the aging senior adult.

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