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January 2013

Protect Your Eyes From Glaucoma

Posted: 1/14/2013 10:59 AM by Interim HealthCare

Glaucoma is often referred to as the “Sneak Thief of Sight.” That’s because this eye disease, which damages the optic nerve, has no early symptoms. More than 2.2 million Americans, age 40 and over, have glaucoma. So how can you protect your vision from glaucoma?
First, know your risk factors:

Stay Active, Stay Healthier in the New Year

Posted: 1/8/2013 9:55 AM by Interim HealthCare

No matter what your age, some kind of physical activity will provide you with a variety of health benefits. With the New Year, many of us are looking for ways to improve our lives and create better habits. One way to stay healthier in the New Year is by increasing your level of activity. Seniors can reduce their risk of developing many chronic diseases or help manage conditions they may already have such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol by making exercise a part of their daily routine.

New Year's Resolutions for the Caregiver

Posted: 1/2/2013 9:21 AM by Interim HealthCare

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to start fresh, and most people take the opportunity to commit to a healthy diet, to exercise more or even to save money. They are all fine goals, but family caregivers often face different challenges than the rest of the population, so shouldn't your New Year's resolution reflect those obstacles? If you're caring for your loved one in 2013, there a few promises you should consider making to yourself.

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