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February 2014

Preparing for the Future with Elderly Care- A Caregiver's Story

Posted: 2/27/2014 4:33 PM by Interim HealthCare

When we were finally given word that the surgery went well and he would make a full recovery from his heart attack, the relief was almost palpable. I could hear my mother quietly weeping behind me as I spoke with the doctor who told me that things were going to be different for a while and that we should consider hiring an elderly care provider.

The Silent Plague- When a Family Caregiver is Suffering in Silence

Posted: 2/26/2014 4:32 PM by Interim HealthCare

There were few things that really got to Monica. She had raised three children as a single mom while building a career as a financial consultant. She was able to handle board meetings being the only woman in the room and she would then get to her son’s soccer game in time to see him score the winning goal. She was one of those people who was constantly on the move and she enjoyed most challenges.

It's Been Rough in Many Cities Across the U.S.- Making Senior Care Safe During a Tough Winter Season

Posted: 2/4/2014 10:37 PM by Interim HealthCare

This winter, for many portions of the United States, it has been tough, to say the least. With icy and snowy conditions reaching as far south as Florida, for the first time in decades, and brutally cold temperatures gripping much of the country, it’s important to remember to make sure that senior care is safe as well as helpful.

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