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Interim HealthCare Sourcing Provides Staffing Relief

SourcingHealthcare Sourcing: Temporary-to-Direct Hire and Direct Hire Health Care Staffing Programs

Interim HealthCare franchises understand the staffing business and offer the assurance of a trusted accountable partner that can provide healthcare professionals with a high quality work environment and customers with high quality supplemental staff.

Interim HealthCare Sourcing includes two options for sourcing qualified healthcare candidates:

Temporary-to-Direct Hire
This option includes a 90-day evaluation period, which minimizes the hiring risk for facilities or other organizations. Interim HealthCare retains the selected employee on their payroll for 90 days while the professional’s performance is evaluated. After 90 days, the facility or organization can choose to offer employment to the individual.

Direct Hire
The direct-hire option provides highly qualified, prescreened candidates. There is a thorough recruitment process to find the right person for the right position. Facilities or organizations interview the selected candidates and offer employment to the one they choose.

Interim HealthCare Sourcing helps:

  • Alleviate the administrative burden of recruiting, evaluating and screening initial candidates
  • Reduce costs related to recruitment advertising
  • Improve retention

Interim HealthCare Sourcing is available for all healthcare work environments, whether within a medical facility or private, non-medical business.

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