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Frequently Asked Questions About Interim HealthCare Staffing

Staffing FAQsWhat is the most efficient way for me to apply to Interim HealthCare Staffing?

Access Interim HealthCare's CareersByWeb to view hundreds of job opportunities nationwide at CareersByWeb®.

How can I locate the office closest to where I want to work?
Access the Interim Office Locator.

How do I determine what types of positions are available within a specific location?
The scope of staffing opportunities varies office by office. We encourage you to look for jobs on CareersByWeb® or contact the local office to explore specific hiring needs.

What is the benefit of working with Interim HealthCare?
Interim HealthCare is a franchise organization and all of our locations are owned and operated locally. The local ownership allows you to build a relationship with someone who is part of the local community and committed to building long term relationships with both client and employees.

What benefits will I be offered while employed at Interim HealthCare Staffing?
Your local Interim HealthCare Staffing office values you as a potential employee and will provide you with information regarding both your pay and benefits package.

What is the process for being hired at Interim HealthCare?
The local office will provide the most efficient hiring process possible. The following outlines the basic steps that will occur in the hiring process. We realize that your time is valuable. Much of this process can be completed online at CareersByWeb® in the convenience of your own home.

  • Completion of application
  • Verification of licensure, certification or registration
  • Review of resume/work history, prior/current references
  • Completion skills checklist (specific to the area of potential assignment)
  • Successful completion of skill evaluation/s (specific to skill area)
  • Presentation of CPR, ACLS, etc., as appropriate
  • Review of mandatory OSHA and JCAHO material
  • Completion of Interim HealthCare's general orientation
  • Completion of customer-specific orientation


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Each Interim HealthCare location is an independently owned and operated franchise business

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