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The Story of Mary Mary faced the most difficult of challenges – helping her mother navigate the final stages of her life.

Mary has been blessed with a wonderful life – great kids, a beautiful southern home, and a rewarding career. And her mother had always been a part of her day-to-day life. As a healthcare professional, Mary was more familiar than most people with the realities of aging, and she understood - intellectually, at least – that there would come a day when she would lose her mother. Still, she was unprepared for the emotional shock of her mother’s stroke.

In the aftermath, Mary was frustrated with the doctors who wanted to perform surgery and multiple invasive tests. Mary called her mother’s Internist to talk about options. He mentioned hospice care.

A nurse by training and always close to her mother, Mary understood that end of life considerations are unique to each person – and their families. She felt that her mother and her family would be best served with a Home Hospice program – one in which the patient lives at home, but has access to the care and services associated with a hospice facility.

Interim Home Hospice Services was enlisted to help Mary make sure that her mother’s end of life was one of comfort and dignity – surrounded by the people she loved.

Jennifer, her Interim HealthCare Case Manager, understood how important it was to remember that this was a human being they were talking about, not simply a medical case. After discussing it with her family, Mary decided to have hospice care for her mother in her home.

Her mother moved in shortly afterwards and the time she had left was precious; surrounded by grandchildren and close friends, she quietly reflected on a life well lived. Her transition was natural and unhurried. For Mary, the entire process was something of an epiphany – despite the difficulty that came with letting her mother go, she and her entire family got to spend her mother’s end of life with her in her home, which she called a “wonderful experience.”


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