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Great Tips On How to Make and Use a Housework Routine

Posted: 9/17/2014 3:24 PM by Interim HealthCare
No one knows better than a family caregiver how difficult it can be to keep two peoples’ homes clean. If you are spending time helping your aging parent with everyday tasks as well as trying to keep your own house in good order, you are probably wondering if there’s a routine you can make and stick with.

Sometimes it’s purely a lack of time to keep your house clean. Or it could be your energy is exhausted before you even begin to clean your own home. Juggling your parent and their home with your family and your home can be quite the tricky act. One thing to think about is getting a home care provider to come in a few hours each day to your parent’s home to help them with meals and/or cleaning house. This would give you a double benefit – more time and more energy!

To get the housecleaning routine that best suits your family may take a little experimenting. You can find many hints and tips online to get this done. Everyone tackles it in a slightly different way, but there are some similarities in strategies.

Step one – make a list of what needs to be done in each room, going room by room on your list. Next to the task, write how often it should be done. For example, in the bathroom you want the toilet cleaned twice weekly but the floor only needs to be mopped once per week. Repeat this for every cleaning task in every room.

Step two – group tasks by frequency. To do this you will have to look over your list you made and look in each room category for what needs to be done daily. Group the daily tasks together, then twice weekly, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual. Some examples might be your daily tasks list includes dishes, wipe down kitchen cupboards, general tidying up. Your monthly list might include menu planning, deep cleaning the carpet, checking smoke detector.

Step three – look at your schedule and see what time you have available. Be realistic. Examine your family’s schedules too, because housework is something that should be shared, since everyone who lives there contributes to the mess. Plan on which jobs will get done on which days.

Step four – apply your plan. Try it out. Make changes as you see fit. Remember that schedules are meant to help us, not cause extra aggravation. You might discover some chores that you assigned to bi-weekly actually need to be done daily, or some that you assigned to weekly can be changed to bi-monthly.

Remember the purpose in doing this plan and making a routine is to save time, not use up more time. The simpler your routine, the better it will work.

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