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Home Health Care – Clean Air for Better Breathing

Posted: 11/26/2014 3:55 PM by Interim HealthCare
Home Health Care – 3 Tips to Help Keep The Air Your Aging Loved One is Breathing Clean!

For senior citizens who have breathing problems, being in an environment with clean air is a must. If you are a caregiver or family member with an elderly adult living with you, checking air levels in your home should be a priority. Here are three issues you should address regularly to help keep the air clean in your home:
  1. Mold – Mold can be very dangerous and hazardous to your health. Excessive exposure to mold can lead to various illnesses, respiratory problems and even allergic reactions in some people. It is especially problematic for seniors with asthma or other breathing difficulties. Mold tends to grow in moist areas of the house like kitchens or bathrooms. Mold should be eliminated at the first sign of it and not allowed to linger. To help kill the mold spores and prevent them from spreading and becoming airborne, mold areas should be cleaned thoroughly with bleach.
  1. HVAC systems (heating and air conditioning) – The vents in a central air conditioning unit can become clogged with dirt and debris if the HVAC system is used frequently. The unit helps to keep the air circulating as well as control the temperature. If the system is used often and the filter is not cleaned or replaced, the filter can house mold, dust and other chemicals which cause harmful particles to float around in the air. It is essential to clean or replace the HVAC filters on a regular basis.
  1.  Dust - It can cause serious health problems for people with allergies, asthma or any respiratory problems. Dust in homes can come from soil, animal and human hair, various fibers and skin cells. It is a common air pollutant and if not controlled on a regular basis, can cover the inside of a home in no time. It is helpful to the health of your senior if the areas where they live are free from dust particles. It’s almost impossible to get rid of every speck of dust but cleaning and dusting on a consistent basis keeps the dust to a bare minimum and prevents unhealthy build up.
Home health care provides your elderly loved one with the medical assistance they need. If your loved one is living with a chronic condition or recovering from an illness, home health care is the perfect choice. Your elderly loved one will receive more personal and individualized care in the comfort of home than in a hospital or medical facility where one nurse must tend to multiple patients.

If you have an aging loved one and are considering home care services, contact Interim HealthCare today. G+

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