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When You’re the Only One in the Family Who Steps Forward to be a Caregiver

Posted: 1/28/2014 10:26 PM by Interim HealthCare
Being the Family Caregiver

Through the years, you noticed a pattern in your family. Whenever things are going well and no one has any issues, it seems that you can get a hold of just about everyone. Yet whenever there is something wrong with anyone, the phone calls go to voicemail and no one ever seems to have time to return your call. That’s what happens when people sense work or more responsibility being brought upon their door. That may also be what happens when someone in your family requires a caregiver.

A majority of families tend to want to keep the responsibilities of providing home care to an elderly loved one within their control. It’s most often a child taking care of an elderly parent, and in 80 percent of the cases, it’s the daughter taking care of her parent.

Yet, even though these individuals step up to offer that level of care to their mother or father, it seems as though no one else even mentions that they would be willing to help out. If you’re stepping forward to be a family caregiver and you notice that no one else is even lending any help, it can be hurtful and frustrating. Is there anything that you can do in this situation that can alleviate some of the pressure that you feel? Is there anything that you can do that can help boost the level of care for your loved one?

The most important thing to remember is that communication is crucial. If you’re not communicating your feelings or your frustrations, then how can you know that anyone else understands what you’re going through? The rest of your family may simply believe that since you stepped forward to help, then you’re not going to need any help and they go on about their lives as usual.

Maybe you are the one who lives closest to your elderly loved one and it is simply natural for the rest of your family to assume that you’re going to be there to care for your loved one. That doesn’t make it right, but if you’re not telling others that you could use the assistance, then they might not think to offer any.

If you communicate your needs, and even the frustrations that you feel, and still can’t get any support, there’s no reason why you can’t consider hiring a professional in home care provider for your loved one. That would offer him or her the best level of care and it would give you peace of mind.

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