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Eating Well After the Holidays

Posted: 1/16/2012 9:34 AM by Interim HealthCare

Eating well, especially for seniors, is an essential part of a healthy life and the older you get, the more important it becomes to make the right kinds of food choices. The holidays are a particularly tough time because of all the sweet treats and rich foods that pop everywhere this time of year.

At Interim HealthCare, we encourage all of our in home care clients to make sure they eat as healthy as possible around the holidays and during the rest of the year for that matter. But if you couldn’t resist all those delicious holiday treats, as many of us can’t, here’s our quick guide to get you refocused on the types of healthy foods that should always be at the top of your shopping list.

Whole Grains – these are loaded powerhouse fiber and Vitamin B, which offer better protection against cardiovascular disease, infections and repertory ailments. Look beyond oatmeal and whole wheat bread and try grains such quinoa, which is incredibly high in protein.

Fish – oily fish such as salmon are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help fight the bad cholesterol that can build up as we age. Just two servings a week can make all the difference in your heart’s health.

Fruits & Vegetables – deep colored vegetables and fruits have more function, which means they’re typically loaded with lots of vitamins and antioxidants. Blueberries, dark cherries, spinach and kale are can’t miss additions to anyone’s diet.

Meat – focus on lean meats such as skinless chicken or turkey, which supply your body with great protein and vitamin B-12, but minus a lot of the heart-clogging fats. Remember portion control when eating meat as well. A little can go a long way.

Dairy – this is an incredibly important food group for our senior home care clients or anyone as they get older. Calcium needs are high for seniors and you can’t get any other foods with as much calcium as dairy. Milk actually does the body good and is essential for good bone health. Just stick to low fat when you can.

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