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Avoiding the Burnout

Posted: 1/27/2012 9:16 AM by Interim HealthCare

At Interim HealthCare, we understand that taking care of your loved ones is a lifetime investment where you are willing to devote your time. Home nursing services, elderly care and other senior living support services are just an array of options provided by our professional caregivers daily.

Caregiving can take a heavy toll if you don't get adequette support. Caregiving involves many stresses: changes in the family dynamic, household disruption, financial pressure, and the sheer amount of work involved. If you let the stress of caregiving progress to burnout, it can damage both your physical and mental health along with the person you are trying to care for.

With that said, here are few important tips that we at Interim HealthCare always adhere by to prevent caregiver burnout while making sure our senior home healthcare clients always come first. 

  • Hire an agency to provide Respite Care- this can be great for not only you as the caregiver to get some much needed time away, but it also gives the person whom you're providing care to a break from you (and yes they probably need one too!).
  • Watch out for signs of depression on both sides of the caregiving spectrum. If signs do appear, don't delray in getting professional help when needed.
  • Open yourself up to technology because you'll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of independence it affords both caregiver and recipient.
  • Seek emotional support when needed. Nobody is alone and there are others out there in similar circumstances.
  • Trust your limits. Don't push yourself too hard. Always remember that you have to come first because if you aren't in good health and spirits you won't be able to properly help the ones you love.
Caregivers allow our senior home health care patients to live independently. Remember to thank them for their services. Visit our testimonials to see what current patients say about Interim HealthCare.



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