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Recovery Care after Cancer Treatments

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Home Health Care Services by Interim HealthCare Could Help Your Aging Loved One Improve Their Health After Cancer!

Cancer survivors are, after their therapy, very keen to get back on track with a healthy way of living. There are many ways they can improve their way of life to be healthier and help with recovery. Most of these tips are no different from the tips anybody who wants to improve their well-being might follow, but for seniors recovering from cancer there are some extras.

Diet and Exercise Are Still the Keys to Good Health!

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Home Care Services by Interim HealthCare: It is Important for Seniors to Get the Nutrients They Need! Home Care Services Can Help!

One of the first steps toward maintaining good health is to eat a diverse diet and exercise regularly. This is important for people of any age, but especially for seniors. They should have three proper meals every day. Snacks may also provide the needed nutrients, especially for the elderly loved one who can’t eat a lot of food at one time.

Keeping Caregivers and Seniors Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

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As seniors age, susceptibility to illness and likelihood of serious consequences increase. Something as simple as a cold could quickly escalate to a much more severe sickness that could result in hospitalization for vulnerable older adults. This means that as a caregiver, cold and flu season brings the need to worry about your parents' health as much as your own.

Did You Know? February Is American Heart Month

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Elder Care Can Help You Care For Your Aging Loved One Who Suffers from Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Unfortunately, heart disease can happen to anyone but some people are at a higher risk for it than others. Some high risk categories include being a man over 45, a woman over 55, or if heart disease runs in your family. However, there is some good news. Heart disease can be prevented or your risk for it lowered by making some simple lifestyle changes.

Losing Sense of Smell

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Senior Care Services by Interim HealthCare Can Help Your Aging Loved One

A sense of smell can be extremely important to your senior loved one’s wellbeing and memory. Certain kinds of smells can recall memories: a certain kind of perfume or cologne, foods, or the smell of certain places. A sense of smell can also help us be alert of any dangers like something that is burning in the house. 

Benefits of Fish Oils for Senior Health

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Home Health Care Services by Interim  HealthCare Can Help Your Aging Loved One Get The Nutrients They Need

Even healthy seniors sometimes find themselves in a position where they require medical care from time to time. Take Lorraine, for example. Lorraine is a 87 year old lady who is fairly active, going to reading club once a week, inviting friends over for coffee occasionally, an avid reader and goes swimming for exercise. Unfortunately, Lorraine tripped on some uneven ground and took a fall. She ended up in the hospital with a broken leg.

Importance of Organization for Elderly Care Providers

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Elder Care Tips by Interim HealthCare

Organization is important in everyone’s lives. From children to college students to parents to employees, everyone benefits when they use lists, schedules and calendars to manage their day-to-day lives. Elder care providers are no different. In order to effectively care for their patients, proper organization is crucial. It not only aids in communication, but reduces stress and saves time and money as well. Here are some ways to keep your patients organized.

Managing COPD Can Be Difficult: We Can Help!

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Home Health Care by Interim HealthCare Can Help The COPD Patient

You may not realize that around 24 million adults across the United States are effected by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. COPD is also one of the leaders for hospitalization in the United States. A recent survey done by the COPD Foundation found some even more shocking results: most sufferers and survivors of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are unfamiliar with the symptoms. This is even in spite of physicians telling their patients the many signs and symptoms of COPD.

Is Your Loved One Eating Healthy?

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Home Health Care by Interim HealthCare Can Help Your Aging Loved One Get All The Nutrients They Need Through a Well Balanced Diet

With many people these days turning to a vegetarian diet for numerous different reasons, it’s essential to know how to maintain a diet balanced in all the nutrients the body requires. If your senior loved one has adopted a vegetarian or vegan style of eating, make sure they have access to all the foods they need for an optimum intake of vitamins and minerals.

When your elderly loved one is recovering at home from a sickness or injury, hire home health care to look after all her medical needs. Ensure she is eating well and following all her doctor’s protocols. Elderly seniors still need adequate protein as an essential nutrient. To find out more about how to balance a healthy diet for vegetarians, keep reading.

Elderly Care and Making Tough Decisions

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Providing care for a senior adult, usually 65 years and older, is often considered one of the most rewarding callings. Many even call it a great honor to assist those who are unable to carryout simple tasks like grooming or driving to a doctor’s appointment. More often than not, a caregiver is the difference for most seniors between living a better quality of life or facing serious health complications and restrictions.
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