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How Home Care Services Can Make a Difference for Any Family

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Many families take it upon themselves to provide care for their aging loved ones. Whether it’s a grandparent, aunt or uncle, cousin, or one’s own parents, there are many things that can be challenging for these family members. There are also plenty of things that can cause discomfort for any or all of the family members. Home care services can help, and it can make a significant difference in the relationships of those involved.
There are many different types of home care that can be required, depending on a person’s age and his or her ability to tend to their own care needs.

Senior Care: Protecting Seniors from UV Rays

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Even though the days are now growing shorter, that doesn’t mean the sun is any less dangerous to the eyes or skin than it was before June 21st. In fact, July and August are known as the hottest months of the year, even though the longest day (the day with the highest amount of sunlight) is in June. When you are the caregiver for a senior, make sure that you pay attention to the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Encourage Kidney Health for Elder Care

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When we consider the process of getting older, we sometimes forget what a vital role our kidneys play in our overall health. The bean-shaped organs, known as the kidneys, are responsible for removing toxins from our system. Many times people are unaware that their kidneys are not functioning properly because symptoms don’t show up right away. Therefore, it is important for elder care providers to encourage kidney health.
The kidneys are often referred to as sophisticated trash collectors. About 40 gallons of blood are filtered by the kidneys daily, sifting out approximately 2 quarts of waste and extra water that the body doesn’t need. The extra water and waste become urine and flow to the bladder where it is stored until you go to the bathroom. Urine should be a straw color or lighter. If it appears darker than that, it could be a sign of dehydration.

The Return of Doctor House Calls: How Home Care Services Matter

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For the longest time, doctors mostly made house calls only. Then, during the latter part of the 19th century and throughout the 20th century, medical clinics and hospitals became the centers where doctors operated and house calls ended up falling by the wayside. Today, with the increase in home care services and with more hospitals trying to save money by sending patients home to recover, the house call is on the rise once again.

3 Signs being a Caregiver is Not Right for You

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Being a caregiver is not ideal for everyone, and if you have agreed to take on the role of a home care provider for a loved one, you may be experiencing a significant level of stress in your life. Not everyone is going to find that being a caregiver is right for them, and if you find that you’re not suited for this type of work, the sooner that you address this situation, the sooner you’ll be able to step back and find someone who will be perfect for your elderly loved one.

Senior Care – 6 Health Challenges of Aging

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There are plenty of changes that occur as a person ages, some of them are normal for every elderly person, and some of them are connected to other diseases and problems. How are you supposed to know which is which? Caring for a senior parent can be a challenge in itself, but you might not realize the challenges your parent is personally going through. It’s hard to empathize when you’re still young. In order to really help your parent and lend a shoulder to their concerns, you should understand more about what they’re dealing with as they age. The following list will talk about many of the things your elderly mother or father is experiencing, and what you – and your parent – can expect as they continue to get older.

Preventing Dehydration when Providing Elderly Care

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Mark wasn’t much of a caregiver, had never been one, but when his mother fell and she needed someone to help her at home during her recovery, he took it upon himself to do that, mostly because he was the only real viable option. Or so he thought. He didn’t know the first thing about elderly care, but he knew what his mother would require from and of him and he was willing to provide it for her.

Coping with Tragedy, and then Finding Elderly Care

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It’s not easy to deal with any type of tragedy. Whether it’s the sudden loss of a loved one or having lost your job, tragedy can strike at any time. When it occurs to your elderly loved one, you may be focused on the pain that you’re feeling, or the relief that they may still be alive and with you. However, when it happens, such as a stroke, heart attack, or other serious health issue that lands them in the hospital, you need to find a way to navigate through your heartache and start finding the proper elderly care for them when they are released.

Home Care Services – Better Sleep Using Diet Strategies

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Getting a good sleep at night isn’t just a luxury; it’s an important part of a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve been kept up at night with stress or worry, you’ve probably been searching for an answer to relax and cope with your situation. Being a caregiver isn’t easy even for the best of us. You don’t have to only rely on counting sheep to get some shuteye – the foods you eat before bedtime are essential to the quality of sleep you’ll get. There aren’t any specific foods that can induce sleep, but knowing what’s healthy to eat during the day and when to eat will increase your chance of a sounder night’s snooze.

Taking Time Out from Elder Care: How to Not Feel Guilty

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Taking care of an elderly individual, whether it’s a family member or someone else, will usually take a lot out of you. Stopping by their house, making sure that they have everything they need, helping them into and out of the shower, and so on can be taxing to even the strongest, healthiest individual. When you need to take a break (or a time out) from elder care, especially when you’re caring for a loved one, how can you do this without feeling guilty about it?
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